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Togitogiga Waterfall

Enjoy a freshwater swim, natural waterfall shower and an (optional) cliff jump or two. The daring may even climb up and behind a waterfall. Togitogiga boasts flourishing tropical forests that hug the cascading waterfalls plunging into freshwater swimming holes. This favourite swimming spot is a naturally shaded place to linger, relax and enjoy pure paradise.

To Sua Ocean Trench

“To Sua” means giant hole and this swimming pool is unmatched on earth. 

To Sua is a truly unique place – swim, snorkel, jump from the viewing platform and mingle with the fish

 Indulge in nature photography, wander the beautiful gardens or just sit back and relax with the panoramic ocean view and a picnic. 

The 30 metre hole is accessed via a ladder. Saletoga Tours reveals all of To Sua’s wonderland – secret turquoise water lava tunnels, ocean swim-throughs, hidden caves, blow holes and more. 

Samoa’s must see attraction.

Fuipisia Falls

Waterfalls in Samoa can offer adrenaline adventure as well as a spectacular view. Fuipisia waterfall is no exception! Whether it’s witnessing the falls dive into a deep end or taking the courage of bathing with a panoramic view from the falling point.

An excellent place for bird watching, photos, and relaxing on the cliff tops. Open daily with entry fees .

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Gain an insight and appreciation into colonial history of days gone by, an adventurous family and the brilliance of the man named Robert Louis Stevenson. 

Robert Louis Stevenson’s life is more colourful and inspired than his books. Step back in time and experience a remarkable man, an eccentric family and the South Pacific colonist era. 

The guided tour through the RLS museum honours Stevenson’s works with carefully maintained items, showcases his home and reveals this man and family behind the classics. 

Next to the museum is a walking trail to the Tomb at the top of the mountain. 

The 30 minute hike offers spectacular views over Apia Harbour and the surrounding valley, while passing through lush forest.

Namua Island

Located about 25 minutes east of Saletoga Sands Resort and Spa (5 minutes east of Lalomanu) on the South Coast of Upolu you’ll find the beautiful Namua Island.

This is an uninhabited island, but there are a few open fales for visitors to relax.

Snorkelling Namua Island
The snorkelling from Namua Island’s beach is nothing short of fantastic. You’ll see a huge variety of fish and more often than not you’ll be the only people in the water.

The water is calm and shallow for quite a long way out, making this a great spot to take the kids.

Getting to Namua Island
About 5 minutes east of Lalomanu there is a blue shop on the right hand side of the road.

 From here you can arrange a boat trip out to the island for only $40 WST (about $22 NZD) per person. For an extra $15 WST they will provide you with a very nice lunch and a drink.

Apia Markets

Absorb a slice of Samoan life as you wander the vibrant market maze of stalls owned and operated by local vendors. Bag a bargain and support the local industry of traditionally made handcrafts.

 Treat yourself to stylish souvenirs, including skillfully handcrafted wood carvings, beautiful ava (kava) bowls, woven pandanus mats, colourful lava lava’s (sarongs), jewellery, clothing and much more.


Piula Cave Pool

Secreted beneath the campus of Piula Methodist Theological College, Piula Cave Pool consists of two blue-green, fish-filled freshwater grottoes side by side, only metres from the sea. The brave can swim between them via a creepy 3m underwater passage, although it’s difficult to find in the darkness at the rear of the caves. The pools are concreted in so it’s not a completely au naturel experience but it is refreshing and the college grounds are beautiful. There are bathrooms and a changing area.

Lalomanu Beach

Lined with beach fales and magnificent views of the smaller outer islands, Lalomanu Beach is located on the south coast of Upolu.

It was voted by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 Beach Destinations of the World.