Power: What is the voltage / pins?
We have standard NZ / AUS 3 pin plugs –at 230V. All good for laptop and phone chargers.

Beach Towels: Do we need to bring our own?
We do supply pool towels but if you wish to bring your own towel for the beach, that’s all good. We have seen some of our pool towels down at the beach, and we are fine with that, as long as they come back.

What is the burn time on a sunny day?
We’d say treat the sun as you do back home. The sun can be quite harsh anywhere, so bring the sunblock. We also sell sunblock in our Gift Shop should you forget to pack some.

Do you have internet access?
Yes we do. We have 2 internet stations in Reception that you can use, pre-paid tickets (low cost) are available from reception. There is also prepaid “Guest Wireless” available in the resort courtesy of Digicel (Credit Card payment required). We are aiming for free wi-fi for all guests but until the technology in Samoa catches up with the tourism needs, we sit and hope.

What is the currency and conversion?
The currency is WST (Western Samoan Tala). The conversion is just over ½ of the NZD or AUS so a coffee at WST$8.00 is still only about NZ$4.20. As at Nov 2015: WST$1.00 = NZD$0.586 OR WST$1.00 = AUD$0.530

Can we visit a local Church service?
Yes, Please Do! Samoans are very into their churches and religion. There are many churches in Samoa of all denominations. On a Sunday morning at 9.30am for a 10am church service, the Resort Shuttle can drop you off (and pick up) at any church in the local villages for you to join in (even if it’s just for the amazing singing). The locals just love having visitors sit in (and the occasional donation). Even if you are not religious, THIS REALLY IS A “MUST DO” ON YOUR LIST!

Can we watch live rugby?
Yes, we have a large screen TV in the Bar – this is connected to SKY Pacific (out of Fiji), so we get most live sports – Rugby / NFL / NZ ITM Cup etc. All the latest news from CNN, BBC etc. We are connected!

What is the temperature of the sea and the pool?
The sea: Normally around 24 degrees C.. all year round.. bit like a warm bath but great for grabbing a snorkel set from the boatshed and go exploring with the GoPro. The Pool.. about the same, depending on the weather, amount of recent rain etc, but still warm enough to have a swim and a drink at the pool bar. Remember to use the poolside shower to remove the sand when going between the sandy beach and the pool.

Can we drink our Duty-Free at the Resort?
Our Liquor Licensing laws in Samoa are very similar to that of NZ and AUS. The resort is licensed as an “On Licence” for the Restaurant and Bar. If you wish to drink your “Duty Free” alcohol on your fale deck that’s fine, you just can’t bring it into any other area of the resort. We have ice available for a small charge from the Bar (we purchase ice from Apia at the moment but are hoping to have our own icemaker up and running soon ). Please enjoy your duty free purchases in your own fale space.

Can I catch a local bus to Apia?
Yes you can (if you wish), … if you are up early enough. The city working locals catch the Apia bus to work early in the morning and return quite late in the afternoon / evening. It get’s quite crowded in these buses. If you wake up later you can rent a vehicle from the resort and travel to Apia at your own pace.

When is the best time to travel to Samoa?
Any time really, it’s always warm here. Most Kiwis and Aussies travel throughout their Winter months (June/July/August). We do have a winter and summer but they have not been true to form for the past couple of years. Every day here is a day in paradise!

What else is there to do nearby the resort?
There are many sights to be experienced. Just up the road (4.5km) is To Sua Trench. There is the Coastal Walkway and National Park not too far away. You can grab a rental vehicle from the resort or join one of our daily tours.

What kids activities do you have available and what times?
We have “Kids Club” at the resort.. subject to demand. Our “selected staff” are well versed in what the kids want in learning the samoan ways, shredding a coconut, catching a fish, learning the language, visiting a local school etc.. your kids will be well looked after.

Do you have a babysitting service?
Yes, we do have a babysitting service. Our “selected staff” are available to babysit during the day if you wish to go out exploring on your own; or in your fale if you wish to have a romantic dinner alone at night. The cost is minimal, please check at reception for current rates.

What’s The In Room Entertainment?
Each room has a TV and a DVD player. We have a huge range of DVD movies (both kids and grown–ups) available from Reception. You can bring your own movies on a USB device if you wish (the TVs have a USB port) Great for a quiet night in!

Do you have a Fiafia Night?
Yes we do, usually on a Wednesday night. You will recognise most of the performers in fiafia as they are also our valued staff during the day. The “Saletoga Fiafia Dance Group” just love to perform the traditional Samoan songs and dances just for you.